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River turns blood red... but there's no…

A river in the Gard turned blood red this week and it will soon turn green. Anyone crossing over the Gardon, which runs through the Gard, would have been forgiven for getting a little worried given the colour of the river on Monday. Images revealed how…

The Local, Jun 27


Crane operator rescued in Saint-Jean-de-Védas

On Monday, June 26, a worker operating a crane in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, L’Hérault had a malaise, and his situation required the help of the Intervention Group for Perilous Environments (GMP). It was a tricky rescue operation to recover…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jun 26


Winemakers crowdfund for grapes

A group of winemakers in the Aude have launched a crowdfunding campaign - to buy…

The Connexion, Jun 25


Hérault man wins three million euros

On Friday afternoon, a l’Hérault man became a millionaire. He was playing…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jun 25


Fires in the Hérault again

Two forest fires broke out on Sunday, June 25, 2017, near the commune of Maraussan…

France 3/Scoop, Jun 25


Here we go again, all change, well is it…

By Chris Elliott I thought that the French word, oui meant yes, but not according…

LanguedocLiving, Jun 23

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