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M Augé - no answers about University violence

MidiLibre/Scoop, Mar 27

Philippe Augé, President of the University of Montpellier, was interviewed about the violence that took place in a lecture hall last week, where students were badly beaten up by men in hoods with sticks.

"First, I want to remind you that I was not present at the time. Then, I want to emphasise that the events that took place in this lecture hall, these acts that can be seen on different videos, are absolutely unspeakable and can only be condemned. They are not worthy of what one must expect in a university institution, or any public or private place. …there are still too many uncertainties to be solved.”

When asked how these people got in….”I know, with balaclavas and sticks! Who are these people? I do not have the answers to these questions and I lodged a complaint on Friday so that I could have some explanations.”

When asked what role Philippe Petel (the department's Dean who later resigned) played that night?

"I do not know any more today, so I will not comment. There are two investigations going on, one judicial, the other administrative, and I was not there at the time. I will not comment on anyone’s role."

Did you demand his resignation?

"We spoke Friday late afternoon. He himself acknowledged clumsy communication, and his desire was to make things better, so I think it’s a good decision on his part."

When will the law school reopen?

"The faculty was closed Monday and Tuesday. I'm waiting for total peace. I am responsible for the safety of people and property. I can not reopen it yet. I hope that the teaching and life in the faculty can resume as soon as possible, but only when the security conditions for students and staff are fully met. I hope before the end of the week. As for the canceled lectures, they will be re-programmed as soon as the department is open again.”

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