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Macron praises hero firefighters killed

LanguedocLiving, Jan 13

On Saturday a huge gas explosion in Paris killed two members of the public and two firefighters, and injured 47 more, 10 of them are in intensive care. The blast also damaged nearby apartments.

On Saturday morning before 9am firefighters were called out to investigate a gas leak in a building of apartments, which also housed a bakery and a restaurant.

There was a huge explosion at 9am, and two firefighters and a Spanish tourist were killed. On Sunday morning, another body was found in the building, taking the death toll to four.

The city was already on edge due to ‘Act 9’ of the gilets jaunes, and there was a lot of confusion just after the blast. Resident didn’t know whether it was an earthquake, a bomb, or a gas explosion. The lift shaft was completely blown apart, and the stars had no railings. One resident said that after the blast they had to step over their front door to get out of their apartment, and all the windows had blown out.

Parisian pompiers announced on Saturday that Chief Simon CARTANNAZ and his colleague Nathanaël JOSSELIN died in action.

President Macron praised the firefighters as heroes.

“The Parisian gas network is in an advanced state of dilapidation,” local councillor Alexandre Vesperini told the Le Parisien newspaper, and said that the blast was like a “a truly murderous cannon ball”.


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