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Majority of beer contains pesticides, new study shows

LanguedocLiving, Jun 29

Most beer contains traces of glyphosate and pesticides, a new test by consumer magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs has suggested. Don’t worry too much though, you’re going to need to drink 2,000 litres a day for it to have a significant effect, by which time, that probably won’t be your biggest problem.

The magazine tested 45 different beers - 39 blondes and six whites - and found that 34 of them contained traces of pesticides, including the controversial herbicide glyphosate.

In total, 248 residue traces were discovered across the 45 specimen beers, including three pesticides (boscalide, phthalimide and folpet) and glyphosate.

Only 11 of the tested beers did not show any pesticide residue. Of the 22 blonde beers to reveal traces of glyphosate, the average found was 1.93 micrograms (mcg) per litre.

Brand-wise, Affligem Blonde contained 9.32mcg/l of glyphosate, while the Hoegaarden beer revealed traces of three pesticides in total.

More positively, beers from brewery giants Heineken, Carlsberg and 33 Export did not show any traces.

The maximum amount of glyphosate legally permitted to be present in water is just 0.1mcg/l, but beer is generally not consumed in the same quantities.

In fact, the magazine calculated that consumers would need to drink 2,000 litres of Affligem beer per day for pesticide levels to build up to dangerous quantities.

But while the magazine admitted that the beers are “far from constituting dangerous exposure [to the chemicals]”, they said that the results of the study instead show “the omnipresence of pesticides in our environment”. 

Source The Connexion

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