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Mas Sibert 2014 rosé, Vin de France

Rosemary George MW, Aug 14

Mas Sibert 2014 rosé, Vin de France – 7.00€

This is a splendidly original summer rosé, a blend of 30% Syrah and 70% Nielluccio.

You could well be forgiven for never having heard of Nielluccio, unless you have been to Corsica, where it is considered their finest red grape variety. It is another name for the Sangiovese of Tuscany, and the grape responsible for Chianti. And it also makes rather good rosé.

The vat is bled or saigné after three hours and the wine has quite a deep colour, with some dry raspberry fruit. The palate is fresh with good acidity, and very juicy with some tannin as well as acidity. Nielluccio is good for rosé as it retains acidity. This is very much a food rosé; it would go brilliantly with lamb chops off the barbecue.

Simon Bertschinger has a small picturesque cellar in Fos, while his vines are near Domaine Bourdic on the road between Roujan and Pézenas. He shuns French wine legislation, preferring all his wines to be Vin de France. There is much less bureaucratic hassle, and the tax is much lower than for an appellation.

His wife Sara loves baking and on Sundays in the summer they ignite the old village bread oven that is just by their cellar. I have yet to do this, but you can bring your own pizzas to bake, and buy Sara’s bread.

Mas Sibert,
Rue du château, Fos 34320

Tel: 09 62 13 45 56


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