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Mellow Yellow slammed for destroying shoes

France 3/Scoop, Jul 9

The Mellow Yellow brand of shoes has closed their shop in Toulouse.

As part of the shop closure, hundreds of shoes have been slashed and dumped, rendering them useless.

The brand is being slammed as “an allegory of capitalism”, for destroying perfectly good shoes which could have been donated to the needy.

Witnesses took to social media to name and shame the brand, and Mellow Yellow responded by saying that the shoes were already useless. “Why were they then slashed?” was the question on Twitter, to which the brand said “yes, it’s a regrettable practice, but we are currently studying recycling solutions for these products that can not be used by anyone. We remain very attentive to these questions.”

This example is another illustration of the excesses of certain brands in the use of unsold products; but facing pressure from the public, they are being forced to reconsider their policies. In Toulouse, as elsewhere, initiatives are increasing, in particular with food products.

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