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Fatal accident on Toulouse inner ring road

On Monday morning at around 7:35, there was a fatal accident on the inner ring road at Toulouse, just at the Rangueil exit. Breaking occurred, and a car was hit from the rear by a lorry, and pushed into another lorry in front of it. The car was…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 23


Toulouse-Blagnac airport: flights maintained

Forty fire-fighters at Toulouse-Blagnac airport were on strike this Friday, but despite earlier threats, flights were not affected. On Thursday the airport were warning people that all flights could be suspended, but later in the day, they declared…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 20


Bird flu – struggling breeders still waiting…

"How long can we hold on?": In the midst of a second avian flu crisis within a few…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 19


In Toulouse, trams run all night to avoid…

For the first time this winter, three trams have been running empty all night in…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 18


Put chocolatine in the dictionary’

Pupils in Montauban, Occitanie, have written to President Hollande demanding that…

The Connexion, Jan 17


Too much snow to ski

Too much snow sometimes kills the pleasures of snow! After waiting patiently for…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 16

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