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Montpellier University Dean questioned by police

MidiLibre/Scoop, Mar 28

Philippe Pétel (pictured), the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Montpellier University, who resigned from his position after a violent attack on law students took place, has been placed in police custody.

Police are interviewing him about the attack, along with two security guards.

The Montpellier prosecutor, Christophe Barret has opened an investigation for acts of violence in a meeting with a weapon, after violent episode with masked men on the night of Thursday 22 March, where protesting students were targeted and attacked in a lecture theatre.

Students maintain that they recognised some of the attackers as teachers and staff members of Montpellier university.

University President Philippe Augé was instructed by the police that he could reopen the Law faculty on Tuesday 3 April.

In addition, President Philippe Augé was asked that the staff members who are being interviewed by the police can no longer appear before their students after the reopening of the faculty.

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