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More drama at the Aigues-Mortes festival

LanguedocLiving, Oct 8

A young woman got into the festive spirits at Aigues-Mortes festival on Sunday, and then proceeded to wreak havoc down a side street full of pedestrians.

She drove down the street in a car designed for the festival, with at least 10 people on top of the car on a platform. She drove at high speed, tried to turn the car, and it flipped over and landed on its roof.

All the passengers were injured, and two of them are in a very serious condition.  As at Monday night, there were seven people still in hospital, two of them in intensive care.

Police tested the driver for drugs and alcohol, and she was found to have 2.12g of alcohol in her blood, as well as testing positive for cocaine and amphetamines.

The young woman was taken into custody.

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