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MPL students find revolutionary contraception

France 3/Scoop, Sep 13

Nine students from Montpellier will fly to Boston. They will present their synthetic biology research work on an innovative contraceptive process based on probiotics to 3,000 students from around the world.

Lactobacillus jensenii is a bacterium that could revolutionise female contraception within 10 years.

Tamara, a master student in health biology at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier, is working with 8 other students to develop a new mode of contraception.

"The idea came when we talked to each other about birth and overpopulation problems in developing countries. Added to this are the environmental and hormonal problems in women," explained Tamara.

"It would be a simple natural contraception. There would be no need to take a probiotic daily thanks to the bacteria“ said Julien, student in Master 1 Physics and life engineering.

In a month the project will be officially presented at the famous MIT campus in Boston at IGEM, a well-known international scientific conference that will bring together 3,000 students and researchers from around the world.

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