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MPs take aim at ready meals with salt tax call

LanguedocLiving, Aug 31

MPs are talking about introducing a salt tax, as the country battles rising obesity in France.

20 MPs are carrying out an investigation into ready meals, and they are set to recommend a tax salt.

"Nothing justifies the amount [of salt] that is found in many dishes," said the committee's spokesperson, MP for La Republique en Marche, Michele Crouzet.

"The consumer has no choice: most of the salt that they eat is found in pre-prepared dishes," he added, saying that consumption of ready meals in France in recent years was 'exploding'.

The World Health Organisation recommends that people limit their salt consumption to five grammes per day. In France, the average daily consumption is eight grammes.

Salt was taxed in France from the mid-14th century until 1790, due to its value as a food preservative. Members of the nobility and clergy were exempt from the high tariffs - which led, among those who had to pay, to massive amounts of salt smuggling. The salt tax was listed as one of the grievances drawn up in 1789 on the eve of the revolution.

Source: The Connexion

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