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Naked theatre, and that’s not the actors

Channel News Asia, Jan 19

If you want to see this play, you’ll have to strip naked first.

You’ll have to bring your own towel, too although VIPs get a microfibre seat covering.

The show, which will play at the Parisian Palais des Glaces on Sunday January 20, is about a brother and sister who find themselves on opposing sides of prickly social issues.

The theatre's management insist that the audience must strip off to see the play, and that everyone must bring their own towel.  VIPs, however, will be provided with their own microfibre seat covering.

The play, Nu et approuvé, which translates as nude and approved, is a play on words of a formula commonly used for signing official documents.

According to the theatre, the squabbling siblings "have to drop their masks and bare all to find a more relaxed common ground."

It claims the play, which has the backing of French naturists groups, is the first nudist drama ever to play a major Parisian venue.

Naturists have been pushing to make their lifestyle more mainstream in Paris, with stand-up comedy nights, naked museum visits and a dedicated nudist zone in the city's biggest park.

The capital's first nudist restaurant, O'Naturel, will close next month because for some reason they couldn't get enough clientele.

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