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Oops is that a gun in your pocket, or….

LanguedocLiving, Sep 21

One of the more bizarre stories this week is that of a young Nîmes man who was stopped by the police for riding a motorcycle without a helmet in the city.

That’s not the bizarre bit.

The police noticed that he was very nervous, and squirming. The police searched him, and discovered that he was hiding a 6.35mm pistol between his buttocks.

The man was arrested, and appeared in court for carrying a prohibited weapon and insulting police officers. The young man countered the claim by stating that the gun wasn’t hidden, until the moment of the police control, when ’it slipped’.

Eric Maurel, the prosecutor, requested 30 months in prison, and three years prohibition. After deliberation, the court sentenced the young man to one year in prison with continued detention and a ban on obtaining a weapon.

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