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Ophthalmologist & pharmacist manslaughter trial

France 3/Scoop, Jul 19

An ophthalmologist and a pharmacist from Albi will be tried for manslaughter on October 16. Their lawsuit follows the death of a patient at the end of 2014 after a prescription error.

The two men were placed in custody in March 2015 in Albi. The lawyer for the victim's family, Maître Jehanne Collard, spoke about an "overwhelming pattern of negligence".

David Combes, 35 years old, father of two children and living Arthès, in the north of the Tarn, had an eye infection. “The ophthalmologist had told him that his infection was probably related to toxoplasmosis when he was a child,” said the family lawyer in 2015, but the specialist “got mixed up between doses” of vitamins and Malocide. According to the lawyer, the victim had “very severe discomfort" but the general practitioner then the ophthalmologist told him to continue his treatment.

Hospitalised in a critical condition in Albi then Castres, the patient sadly died. The two practitioners will have to answer for their actions next October and explain how a reversal of prescription could be both performed by the doctor and confirmed by the pharmacist.

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