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“Overwhelming facts” from the Millas enquiry

MidiLibre/Scoop, Oct 5

On December 14, 2017, in Millas, a train crashed into a school bus at a railway crossing, killing several children.

Investigations have been on-going since then.

Mme Jehanne Collard, the lawyer of three families of victims, issued a statement on Friday.

The lawyer revealed that “SNCF are not to blame” and that “the driver of the bus seems to have braked too late in front of the crossing barriers“. "The facts are overwhelming", she said, and not only with regard to "the driver of the bus".

“Who” questioned the lawyer, "left the life of these poor children in the hands of a woman who took a powerful sleeping pill for seven years? Why isn't the prefecture or the bus company concerned about problems that this drug could cause?

"Why, against all medical recommendations, did her doctor agree to renew the sleeping pills automatically every three months? Why have national medical checks been cancelled since 2017 for people who have a daily responsibility for children going to school”

Not all parties are in agreement with the statements, as the arguments continue.

For the parents of these children, the main thing is that such a tragedy can never happen again.

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