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Pamela Anderson snubbed by Nîmes mayor

France 3/Scoop, Sep 8

The story goes back to the end of August but has just been disclosed to the press. Jean-Paul Fournier, mayor of Nîmes, refused a meeting with Pamela Anderson, when she wanted to hand over the petition including 520,000 signatures to stop the bull fighting in the city.

The star is no doubt not used to meeting requests being rejected. This is however what Jean-Paul Fournier did, by refusing to receive Pamela Anderson and Claire Starozinski, President of the Anti-Corrida Alliance on 30 August. The two women wanted to hand over the petition bringing 520,000 signatures against the bullfights in the Gard city.

The Mayor of Nîmes said in his letter where he declined the request for a meeting, that “Nîmes is historically linked with bulls, with traditions anchored in the culture, and which have a great importance in economic and tourist activity”.

Jean-Paul Fournier concluded saying that he has “no intention of putting these traditions in question.”

In a statement by the Anti-Corrida Alliance, Pamela Anderson deplored the "lack of openness" on the part of an elected representative of the French Republic, adding: "It is always very difficult to tackle bloody traditions. Most people let it happen for many reasons, mainly through ignorance, profit or stubbornness."

The anti-bullfighting Alliance commented on Jean-Paul Fournier’s reply: “merging festivities and bull fighting in his response, the mayor misrepresents that bullfights took place throughout the 19th century in Nîmes. Nîmes had only nine bullfighting seasons between 1853 and 1891, due to oppositions at the time.“

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