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Passengers left abandoned by easyjet

LanguedocLiving, Aug 9

Passengers who were booked on an easyJet Valencia-Toulouse flight last weekend were left abandoned at the airport with no information.

Around 60 passengers were booked to return from Valencia to Toulouse on the 13:30 flight last Sunday.

The flight never took off, and passengers were left for hours with no luggage, and no information.

Stéphane Chapuis, a passenger who agreed to tell his story, who as at yesterday had still not been able to return to Toulouse, said “We did not have any oral, email or SMS contact from easyjet. After several hours, we received an sms where easyjet apologised, and that’s it!”

Passengers ready to board the 13:30 were waiting in the boarding area, but no staff were there. No information was available, although some passengers saw that the flight was delayed on their phone app. At 14:00 waiting passengers left the boarding area to find someone to talk to, but still no information was available.

Eventually at 14:30 an airport agent arrived at the gate to tell passengers that the flight was cancelled and that they would be reimbursed for a hotel room. Then began the long hunt for luggage, which wasn’t made available until two and a half hours later.

Passengers trying to get back to Toulouse for Monday morning work found that it would cost €1200 to hire a car, or to bring a family back on the train was a prohibitive price.

Finally, easyJet offered to pay for flights from a different airline, but only offered the reimbursement of direct flights. Easyjet is the only company with a direct flight from Valencia to Toulouse.

A spokesperson from easyjet said “"EasyJet confirms that the flight EZY1756 of August 05 from Valencia to Toulouse was canceled due to a technical failure of the aircraft. Passengers were informed by SMS and e-mail before the departure of the flight to receive accommodation, meals and refund of their ticket. Unfortunately, as no other easyJet flights were available within the next 48 hours, the passengers were invited by the ground staff to make their arrangements to find their own way to Toulouse and they will be reimbursed for their additional expenses (flight, train, bus or car rental) on request…In accordance with EU261, they can also claim additional compensation via the online form provided for this purpose. easyJet apologises for the inconvenience. Safety and well being of our passengers and crew is our number one priority."

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