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Patients foot more of their medical bills

The Connexion, Apr 11

The cost of healthcare is rising, with adults in France spending an average of €1,125 on their medical bills in 2017, a report has found.

After state health insurance has been paid, people are paying 53% of the remaining bill before any supplementary health insurance kicks in, the study for insurance broker Verspieren found, indicating that the implementation of contrats responsables has left patients footing more of their own medical costs.

People living in Ile-de-France pay the most for their healthcare, the study said. They also paid the largest proportion of the bill (60%) out of their own pockets before any complementary health insurance.

Those living in the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes paid the next largest portion (54.8%), with PACA-Corsica third on the list at 54.1%.

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