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Pet dog killed by hunting dogs

LanguedocLiving, Oct 10

We apologise for the upsetting nature of the photo, which we included to help identify the attacking dogs.  We are only publishing this story because we want to help find the owners of these dangerous dogs. It is not a pleasant story, so please look away if you are of a sensitive nature.

A man and a woman were walking their daughter’s dachshund in Frontignan between the water tank (cistern number 196) and La Cible, direction Balaruc at 9am on Saturday.

In the distance they saw a dog with a ‘frenetic look’, which later proved to be the leader of a pack of three dogs. They were hunting dogs, wearing fluorescent collars and GPS systems - all very aggressive and clearly hungry.

The dogs attacked the two year old dachshund, and the couple also received various bites when they tried to rescue the dog.

One of them then had the presence of mind to take a photo of the dogs, in the hope that the police could help to find them later.

They managed to grab their dog, who by then was not moving, and they raced to their car. The dogs eventually gave up the chase after receiving several blows with stones from the couple.

Distraught, and slightly injured themselves, they went to the local vet, who had to euthanise the dog after discovering that he had a broken neck, and other major injuries.

After going to the police station several times to file a complaint, Agathe, the owner of the dachshund, and her parents contacted several local hunting associations, with the aim of finding the attackers “to understand what could have happened and prevent this from happening again.” It was confirmed to them that a wild boar ‘beat’ had taken place this Saturday, October 6 in the commune of Balaruc.

They have now taken to social media to try to track the owners of the dog down. There is a link here to Agathe’s post. If you can help to identify the dogs, do get in touch with her.

We apologise again for the upsetting nature of the photo, which we included to help identify the attacking dogs.

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