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Police motorcyclists in very embarrassing crash

LanguedocLiving, Jul 15

When you’re performing in front of the president on your country’s national day, you want everything to go perfectly. Two police motorcyclists suffered an embarrassing crash after miscalculating their entry onto Place de la Concorde during a Bastille Day parade in front of President Emmanuel Macron and other guests in central Paris on Saturday.

The motorcyclists were part of a group of drivers from the gendarmerie who were tracing patterns in the plaza, as part of a carefully choreographed performance.

The duo were supposed to mirror another pair of drivers – coming straight towards each other before peeling off to the side. But, in video taken of the parade, it appears either one or both of the drivers miscalculates the move, and one of the bikes crashes into the other – toppling both riders. The drivers immediately attempt to get back on their vehicles, but while one manages to stand his upright pretty quickly, the other struggles to lift the heavy bike. The weight is so great it even causes his feet to slip on the road as he tries to pick it up. 

You can watch the video here or in the Daily video on the right.

Source The Metro

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