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Pollution in the canal du midi

LanguedocLiving, Jun 21

Firefighters in Hérault have been dealing with a pollution problem since 7pm on Wednesday in Frontignan.

The pollution measures 600m long and 20m wide. Firefighters have placed booms to contain it.

On site, the Hérault air pollution control unit was activated with numerous firefighters, a group leader and an agent from DREAL, the regional department for the environment, planning and housing.

On Thursday afternoon the pollution was eventually traced to the company Dynaflor, and it was 10 kg of liquid sulphur. During the day, the water ways were opened again to boaters, but Deputy Mayor M Laurant said that both the city and the shellfish farmers would be filing a complaint.

Elsewhere there were several reports of thousands of dead fish near Poilhes in the canal du midi, it’s not known whether these incidents are related.

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