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Protest after golden eagle killed

France 3/Scoop, Sep 12

In August, a golden eagle was killed by a wind turbine on the Escandorgue plateau in Joncels, Hérault. An association for the protection of nature and the environment has filed a complaint today for the destruction of protected species.

The wind farm on the Escandorgue massif in Joncels, shares the space where golden eagles live. An eagle which was tagged with a GPS system was found dead, following a collision with a wind turbine.

The association FNE, France Nature Environnement, has filed a complaint against EDF for the destruction of a protected species.

The Escandorgue wind farm is not the only one affected by this problem. At Causse d’Aumelas, 33 kestrels were killed by the wind turbine blades.

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