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Pushing the boundaries of ‘personal consumption’

MidiLibre/Scoop, Oct 10

A Parisian man was caught near Toulouse on his return home from Andorra, with 120 kg of tobacco and 322 litres of alcohol bought in Andorra.

Customs officers found 222 cartons of 10 packets of pipe / rolling tobacco, 44 cartons of cigarettes, and 322 litres of various spirits.

The new legal limit for a single person, is 4 cartons of tobacco, and 10 litres of spirits. Customs officials thought that there was a ‘reasonable doubt about the notion of “personal consumption” for such a quantity’.

These new regulations have just been defined, and clearly the officials are committed to doing regular checks.

[If you were planning a top up for Christmas from Spain, you may want to be aware of the new rules. Ed]

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