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Reckless Montpellier driver finally found

France 3/Scoop, Apr 2

Police in Hérault have been looking for a man involved in a hit and run accident for several months. During the weekend they found him in Haute-Savoie.

In November 2017, the man was speeding at 134 km / h in a 70km / h zone near Montferrier-sur-lez. Police attempted to stop him, but the driver jumped red lights, went around roundabouts the wrong way, committed several other serious traffic infractions, and injured someone.

He then abandoned his car, and escaped from the police.

The police finally tracked him down, and he is expected in court in Montpellier next week. In the meantime, he has been locked up in prison, but this isn’t the first time. He was in prison for seven months for similar incidents, and also for theft in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in 2013.

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