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Reports of a flea infestation in Pézenas

LanguedocLiving, Jul 10

A Languedoc Living reader has advised us that Jardiland in Pézénas, Hérault are running out of flea treatment, and have been flooded with people over the last 10 days looking for treatment to fumigate their houses.

If you do decide to fumigate your house, please make sure that you don’t expose any food or cooking / eating equipment to the poison, and if you treat your pets, make sure that you are using the right treatment for the size of your pet. Treatment can be very effective, but it can also be a very toxic poison that you certainly don’t want around food or young children.

There are various products around which are non-toxic, and can easily be found using Google. If you have found a non-toxic treatment which works well, please do write in and tell us, and we can spread the word.

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