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Eat, Stay

Restaurant & Cave BK

Robin Hicks, Mar 25


New owners have transformed this place in the heart of the town. The building is still stunning but the food is - well - exciting - clever - innovative - tasty and ... a delight.

The young couple - he is German and his wife the chef is Franco/Russian - have a fresh take on food and apart from a fine wine list they have an enormous choice of beers from Belgium, Holland and of course Germany, served in rather fine and interesting tall glasses.

English, German and French are spoken and we really do recommend you try - this is really different and delightful.

This main course was a risotto of leeks but - well we really cannot find the words except - delicious as were the starters.

Menus change often so consult the website - they also run musical evenings as well.

Restaurant & Cave BK
4 Avenue Pierre Sirven/

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