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Roof stolen from Poussan

MidiLibre/Scoop, Oct 12

A family from Sète have had the roof of their farm building stolen at Poussan. “We’ve had 20 break-ins in 47 years,” said the owner of the building, who preferred to remain anonymous. “During this period we’ve had to change the locks 20 times.” The building is amongst olive groves and vines. “We’ve had everything stolen before - stoves, gas bottles, crockery, garden equipment, but the roof is a first”, said the owner.

The red and gray tiles on the building and the terrace, replaced in 2014, have vanished.

A few days before, another farm building near by was also targeted. The electric gate was destroyed, and two beautiful bay windows were carefully cut out and carried away, along with two generators. Further on, a horse breeder lost 50 metal poles used for the electrification of the fences.

Police are wondering if it’s the same gang targeting all these buildings.


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