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Saffron harvest has just begun in Cajarc

France 3/Scoop, Nov 5

The harvest of saffron has just begun in the Lot. Its production, traditionally in Quercy, had more or less stopped, before being relaunched a few years ago. The precious spice is the pride of its producers.

Present in Quercy since the Middle Ages, its commercial culture fell into disuse in the fifteenth century.

Twenty years ago, a handful of enthusiasts revived the culture of the precious Crocus Savitus Linnaeus bulb.

In Cajarc, Didier Doucet is one of those pioneers. He remembers his grandmother picking the spice from her garden to flavour her rice.

Saffron requires delicacy and patience. It takes 200,000 flowers to obtain 1 kg of dry saffron.

Even though the saffron sells for 35€ a gram, the culture of the precious spice does not make a good living for those who are reviving the ancient practice. The saffron produces of Quercy are trying to establish a Label Rouge classification, which will go some way to getting it on the map again.

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