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Scammers are caught and imprisoned

France 3/Scoop, Aug 11

The technique is well established. The criminals park in a supermarket carpark and wait for a person to arrive, preferably of a certain age and alone. They simulate an accident, often with a stone. Then they question the victim about side mirror damage, and sometimes body panel damage.

Then, one of them asks for the name of the insurance of the duped person, and the scammer says that he has the same insurance company. After a pretend call to the insurance company, he tells the victim that the insurance company has suggested that the incident should be settled amicably, and the victim should pay up.

This is how the three defendants, Fernand, Rached and Brandon, operated. After several reports of this, the police finally caught up with them in Lunel, catching them mid-scam.

Fernand and Brandon, who have clean criminal records, will be sentenced to 12 and 18 months suspended sentence. Rached will be sentenced to 15 months in prison.

The police say that there may be other gangs operating the same scam, so please be on your guard, and don’t be bullied into taking money out of a cash machine, or handing over cash to someone you don't know.

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