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Schools inspected after the collapse of ceilings

France 3/Scoop, Jun 4

Following the collapse of a ceiling in Barbeyrac school in Béziers, the town hall ordered the inspection of all schools in Béziers.

Béziers has 43 school buildings, representing an area of ​​51,000 m2 of buildings.

Of these 43 buildings, there are 16 whose construction dates back to before 1950 and are therefore likely to house the type of ceiling which collapsed last week.

The 16 buildings have been subjected to a rigorous check in order to identify the possible presence of ceilings of the type which collapsed, and to check the state and the solidity of them. In total, the type of ceiling under scrutiny represents about 19,500 m2.

Following the inspection, it appears that only two buildings contain this type of ceiling (in addition to the Barbeyrac school): the Riquet-Renan primary school (a bathroom, a corridor and an office) and the Lakanal Kindergarten school (a dormitory and a multipurpose room).

The five rooms in the schools Riquet-Renan and Lakanal were immediately banned from access and will be secured this summer during the school holidays.

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