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Shoddy headmasters, and ‘irresponsible parents’

LanguedocLiving, Sep 8

Parents of school children from Olargues, l’Hérault, will have been pleased to have received a letter announcing that the chaotic start to the school year will be behind them, as from Monday morning. They have been promised that the debacle experienced on Monday and for the rest of this week has now been resolved, and pupils are expected to return on Monday for the proper start of the school year.

It’s unclear whether the head teacher will be investigated for a lack of organisation and planning, but for now, at least the pupils and teachers can get on with daily school life as from Monday.

Over in Perpignan, the mayor Jean-Marc Pujol has been vocal with his opinions that some of the school classes are literally only half full in Perpignan. Several kindergarten classes and CP classes in some schools have at least half of the pupils missing. He is denouncing the parents who are extending school holidays, and not respecting the official start date.

“I find this approach irresponsible…all the less excusable that the parents had two months to take holidays and that France can boast of having an exceptional education with highly competent professionals,” said the mayor [Presumably he isn’t counting M Brun from Olargues in his praise. Ed]. He is calling for a meeting of all the parents who decided not to send their children back to school at the right time. The meeting will be "in a relaxed form but we have to deal with this substantive subject."

Source Midi Libre

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