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Six lost girls found by a police dog in the Aude

France 3/Scoop, Jul 16

Six girls, aged 11 to 14 were lost in the woods Friday night in the Aude. They were found during the night thanks to a police dog.

At around 9.40 pm, the police were informed by a scout leader that six young girls between the ages of 11 and 14 had not returned to the Lespinasse camp in Haute-Garonne. They had left the camp at 2pm for an orienteering walk.

A few minutes earlier, the scout leader had received a text message from one of the girls, informing him that they were lost.

Unable to find the teenage girls, Peyrac Minervois brigade soldiers, reinforced by two teams of police surveillance and intervention platoon (PSIG), including the team dog, searched the rugged area.

Around 10:30 pm Iris, a German shepherd, with her master, Constable David, detected the girls’ tracks. It wasn’t until 2am, and after 6 more kms tracking the scent, that the dog finally got to the young girls, who were frightened and had taken cover in some undergrowth.

It took more than an hour to get them back to safety at the camp.

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