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Slaughterhouse boss gets off lightly

LanguedocLiving, Oct 29

The former director of the slaughterhouse in Mauléon, Pyrénées-Atlantiques was let off lightly on Monday.

He was in court for a case brought to light by a video taken and published by animal rights campaigners. Gérard Clémente was facing charges for offences in March 2016 for mistreatment of animals. The video showed a lamb being cut into quarters while still alive, sheep being bled while conscious and other animals insufficiently stunned when slaughtered.

The ex-director could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to 300,000€.  Instead he received a suspended sentence and an 180€ fine. The business was ordered to pay 10,000€.

Clémente argued in court that it was difficult to recruit well-trained personnel, given that no specific training exists. The employees said the company was understaffed at the most busy times, provided inadequate tools and gave insufficiently detailed instructions.

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