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Spaniel killed by 4 dogs in Fabrègues, Hérault

France 3/Scoop, Aug 3

On Wednesday at the Domaine de Mirabeau, in Fabrègues, near Montpellier, 4 pit bull dogs threw themselves on a Breton spaniel, and killed the poor unsuspecting dog right in front of his owner. The pit bulls weren’t on a lead, nor were they wearing muzzles.

The owner of the Breton spaniel was cycling when she saw 4 “American Staff” dogs rushing at her pet. The owner of the pit bulls ran after them, but they didn’t listen to him, and they moved into the attack.

The owner of the pit bulls, a 30 year old man, then fled, but he dropped his mobile phone. The police from Saint-Jean-de-Vedas managed to track him down, and they arrested him.

The man acknowledged the facts, he was obliged to compensate the owner of the spaniel, and his dogs were put down.

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