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Spanish rosé masquerading as French wine

LanguedocLiving, Jul 9

Languedoc winemakers have been protesting for at least two years about Spanish wine being passed off as French wine. An investigation by the fraud squad has found that millions of litres of wine from Spain, predominately rosé has indeed been marketed as French wine up and down the country.

Four Spanish producers have been falsely labelling bottles and boxes of wine to give the impression that they are French wines. Only when you look very closely, and in some cases you have to magnify the image, to see that the label says produce of Spain.

The discovery has prompted supermarkets to remove Spanish rosé that was being sold as French from the shelves.

In Monday morning's paper, Le Parisien called it the "swindle of the century"

Languedoc winemakers are saying "Told you so."

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