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Still chaos on motorways in Occitanie

France 3/Scoop, Dec 3

Motorway tolls were the targets of the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations, and some were closed for over 48 hours, causing chaos for drivers.

In the Hérault, traffic slowly resumed on the A9 during Monday, and secondary roads were slow moving around Montpellier and Grande-Motte.

In the Gard, a prefectural decree was taken to close the A54 in both directions between Nîmes-Garons and Grans.

In Gallargues, entry was prohibited to Spain.

In the Aude, exit 38, Narbonne Sud was still closed in both directions because of the attacks during the weekend.

In the Pyrénées-Orientales, access was very difficult between Perpignan and Spain, especially near Perthus where Vinci Autoroutes reported on more than two kilometres of solid traffic jams. Exit 41 is recommended for trucks. The toll was set on fire in Perpignan Sud.

[A reader wrote in yesterday, saying: France? A civilised country where the forces of law and order can be relied on to make their citizens feel safe? And there was I thinking that torching cars should be an imprisonable offence. Will the French ever accept that they are still living in a Third World country and that change is an inevitable part of progress? God help Macron. Will he go the way of all previous Presidents who have failed to bring the country into the modern world? Determination and honest intentions have never proven enough. I can think of no other country in Western civilisation where groups of 'protesters' can by-pass the law of the land with such impunity. What happened to the arsonists who razed the tax office to the ground? Were they identified and prosecuted/imprisoned? This would be a joke if it wasn't so serious.

The French should 'get real' but they don't because they're allowed to get away with their extreme behaviour. Change? About as likely as a politician's honest travel expenses claim.]

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