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Still struggling with French?

LanguedocLiving, Oct 21

Are you living here in France, and still struggling with the language?

Do you sit and stare at the phone, summoning up the courage to make that phone call to Orange to tell them that your internet isn’t working properly; or do you live in fear of the phone ringing and being faced with a barrage of fast french which you can’t keep up with?

We all know how frustrating that can be.

Even if your intentions are good, you’re having lessons, you’re trying to pick up the language, it can still be very difficult. How many of you have wished that you’d paid more attention in school, and learnt the language properly while you still had plenty of brain cells and memory to spare?!

Géraldine Lepère is back this week with some great advice if you’re struggling to pick up French. There are some really sensible top tips to help you get into the swing of it. Simple things like making shopping lists in French, or switching your phone settings to French - all these ideas help you bring French into your everyday routines without being too stressful, and can even be fun!

Watch her video for her top tips, and you can see more from Géraldine on


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