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Taxe foncière due by October 16

The Connexion, Oct 12

The taxe foncière local property tax for homeowners must be paid by Monday October 16, or October 21 at midnight if you pay online.
Online payments will be debited from your account on October 26.

Homeowners who pay monthly à l’échéance, involving a direct debit from your bank account, should receive a statement showing the payments you have made by around the end of October. This may include details of extra tax due, for example if the tax in your area has increased significantly compared to previous years.

Property tax is payable by the owners or those with a lifetime use of any house, apartment or land as of January 1, 2017, even if the property was sold during the year.

A penalty of 10% will be added to tax bills that are not paid on time.

Exemption from the tax is possible based on age and income. Exemptions are usually applied automatically although, if in doubt, you could remind your tax office of your entitlement. For a second home it may be necessary to specifically ask for it.

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