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The Grand Mosque of Toulouse opens

France 3/Scoop, Jun 24

After 13 years of work and fundraising, the Grand Mosque of Toulouse, whose golden dome overlooks the ring road at Empalot, was officially inaugurated on Saturday.

There are between 60,000 to 80,000 Muslims living in the greater Toulouse area, and they now have a Grand Mosque with a capacity of 3000 worshippers.

It took 13 years of work and cost six million euros to build.

This funding for the mosque was supplemented by funding from the State as well as that of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Algeria (€213,000) and Kuwait (€131,000).

The mosque has 3 prayer rooms, one reserved for women and a school of teaching for the Koran and Arabic.

The building is decorated with Tunisian marble, Turkish carpets and doors, Egyptian chandeliers, and Moroccan stuccoes on the walls.

It was officially inaugurated on Saturday, June 23rd.

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