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Great Days Out

The Minervois, on the verge of vertigo

LanguedocLiving, Jan 7

On France 3 on Sunday at 12:55, there’s a programme about the Minervois. Some of the footage looks very exciting, you can see some snippets in the video.

Located on the Aude and Hérault, the Minervois is a vast amphitheatre, bound to the south by the Canal du Midi, and to the north by the Black Mountains.

It is the village, Minerve, 30 km from Narbonne, which gave its name to this region.

It’s an exceptional town in more ways than one. Firstly because of its topography – the rocky outcrop overlooking the confluence of two rivers, Minerve is like a peninsula in an ocean of scrubland. Secondly by its history - Minerve is a Cathar city that has known the dark hours of the crusade against the Albigensians. It was subjected to a 10 week siege, after which 180 Cathars were burned to death.

The programme will show hiking in the gorges that rip through the majestic limestone rocks. A hike above the gorge features incredible shelters under the cliff side.

See also the Cave of Aldène with archaeologist Philippe Galant. Aldène is an immense caving network – ten kilometres of galleries on four levels. There is also a prehistoric sanctuary, unknown to the general public. The site is not normally accessible, so for the first time on television apparently, the treasure of Aldene will be revealed. We are told to expect goose-bumps and vertigo!


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