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Great Days Out

Top ten activities for kids in the Languedoc

LanguedocLiving, Aug 6

Summer’s in full throttle! C’est les vacances!

Whether your grandkids are coming to visit or you live here permanently with your family, chances are you are looking for things to do with children this summer. Take a look at Eva Hamori’s Top Ten List of Things to do with Kids in the Languedoc for some great ideas! 

#1 Accrobranche or Tree Climbing Adventures

There are many tree climbing facilities throughout southern France that are suitable for all ages from beginner to experts. Most open during Spring break, and stay open until Toussaint holidays. Some offer different levels of difficulty, such as little kids wishing mostly to jump, intermediate where they climb easy and safe obstacles with nets closely beneath without gear, and then of course the traditional using the mountain climbers equipment.

My children particularly enjoy the zipline runs with the very high-up station to launch from. My palms sweat just watching them climb up there, but the safety gear is very efficient and the lock safety works to keep the climber safe at all times.

Leucate – Amusement Park

Beziers Adventure

Sunkarting – Accrobranche

#2 Laser Games

This is best played in groups of 6 or more, two teams of three and it really is a favourite among children. Sometimes parents and families play together, and have some healthy combat, usually two- 20 minute games are played with a 20 minute break between for snacks and refreshments. Note, they run for the entire 40 minutes and bringing cool drinks is a must.

MegaZone Narbonne

Evolution Beziers

#3 Bowling

Bowling is always a family favourite. The best part is you can put up the barriers so even the very little ones can play. These facilities are always clean, good quality equipment, although not profession lane quality, so if you are coming from North America where there are perfectly round balls and freshly waxed lanes, forget about it. 

It is considered a game here rather than a sport.

Private Bowling Pub

Bowling Beziers

#4 Shopping

Shopping centres in France are light and spacious with all kinds of activities! Grandparents who want to treat their grandchildren to a wee shopping trip, then the Polygone in Montpellier is a wonderful place to make it happen. Odysseum, the complex next to IKEA offers open air shopping with many restaurants, a big sports shop, and endless cafe’s. It is also home to the Aquarium, and the Planetarium.

The Polygone in Beziers is home to the bowling alley but also the movie theatre where twice a week they play English films. 

#5 Karting in the Languedoc

When we go, never mind the kids, the adults seem to love this the most! Sun karting is far slower than the Racing Kart 66 counterpart, but both are fun ways to spend the day.

Racing Kart 66

Sun Karting 

Curcuit de Karting which you can read about here.

#6 Beach Activities and parks

No matter what your favourite beach activity; jet skis, volleyball, soccer, kayaking, canoeing, slides, cycling, scooting and rollerblading on the beach, there is something for everyone during your holidays.

Narbonne, Vias, Sète, Gruissan, or Valras beach, this is why most people come to Southern France to enjoy the white sand beaches, the turquoise waters and the warm sun.

Also parks often have skate bowls, so bring your helmet and protective gear. Rollerblading, scooting, BMX biking; all very popular in the southern region of France for children and well worth buying or borrowing a scooter to keep with you during your holidays. It also helps the little one keep up during those long walks through castles and villages.

#7 Languedoc Caves and Caverns

There are many caves in the Languedoc to explore. If spelunking is your thing, look no further than la Grotte de Clamouse. Extraordinaire! But we have dozens of caves throughout the Languedoc, some of them are listed here.

Giant Chasm of Cabrespine, Aude

Limousis, Aude

Bramabiau (subterranean river), Gard

Labeil, Hérault

Clamouse, l'Hérault

Aven Armand, Lozère

Fontrabiouse, Pyrénées-Orientales

Aguzou, Aude

Trabuc, Gard

La Devèze, Hérault

Cave of the Demoiselles, Hérault 

La Cocalière, Gard

Dargilan, Lozère

Les Grandes Canalettes, Aude

#8 Horseback Riding with children in the Languedoc

These appaloosa horses at Appaloosa Ranch are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. My daughter happens to ride here, but i also take my students here once a week for a one hour tour through the forests, to overlooking ridges and even into the river. Well worth the drive and tell Camille Eva sent you!

La Fount del Bosc also has a gite onsite and hour rides to enjoy. On the other side of the same hill, these horses are well trained and fit. I highly recommend both.

Another nice one to try is Amor Nouri, who is based at the foot of the Caroux and the Espinouse mountains. You’re guaranteed stunning views.

#9 Archaeological Digs, Museums and Sites

If ancient civilizations are your thing, then visit the Oppidum to explore from 50 BC to 500 AD. This is a very important find for the region and you can see the remains of houses, and discover how this hill, once surrounded by water,  became extinct.

#10 Rafting or canoeing

Rafting is always so much fun, and Roquebrun is not only fun but beautiful to cruise through. Especially when the weather gets hot! We also recommend canoeing and kayaking on the River Orb using Smile Kayak! They have paddle boards too!, and you can paddle with the Béziers church in view! Exquisite.

Rafting in Roquebrun

The canoeing in Tarassac is also great. It’s a lovely stretch of the river Orb, and there are a few exciting rapids to navigate. 

This article was originally published by Renestance, and was written by blog writer Eva Hamori. 


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