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Toulouse start-up has suitcase to make water

France 3/Scoop, Apr 3

A startup in Toulouse has invented a water filtration system for desert regions where the population does not have access to drinking water.

The idea is ingenious:
A suitcase equipped with solar panels, a pipe to suck the water and in a few seconds the unfit water becomes perfectly clear and drinkable. A 12 year old can use this suitcase without any problem, reports Midi Libre.

This filter bag is intended for regions that lack water. 1.5 billion people do not have access to drinking water, resulting in the death of 1,400 children every day.

In developing countries, there is water but it is very often contaminated. Bordering the small villages, there are ponds but they are used by animals and are often full of bacteria.

A single suitcase like this one is enough to feed a village of 200 people by producing two cubic meters of water a day. Sold at €3,000, this system is cheaper than the delivery of bottled water, especially in humanitarian emergencies.

The startup in Toulouse also develops fixed kiosks that work with prepaid cards.

To finance them, they had an original idea, which was to create a bit coin type crypto currency they called Watercoin.

You can watch a report (in French) here.

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