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Train delayed as driver 'forgot' spring clock change

The Connexion, Mar 27

A TER train headed for Amiens (Somme) left almost an hour later than planned this week, as the driver “forgot” about the spring clock change.
The TER from Laon (Aisne) on Monday March 26 was scheduled to depart at 18h45, but “was delayed by more than 50 minutes” because of “the unexpected absence of a staff member”, the TER Picardie Twitter account said.

When pushed for more details, the account then admitted that “the driver forgot about the clock change to summer hours”.

The account later added that the delay “was not the driver’s fault” because it was, in fact, the “local SNCF clock” that had “stayed in winter hours”...but not before many incredulous Twitter users had asked if the announcement “was a joke”.

One user said: “The more we learn the funnier it is”, but another was less pleased, calling it "more proof of SNCF mediocrity".Smartphones and other internet-connected devices usually change automatically, but other clocks still require manual setting.

The twice-yearly change (once in autumn for winter hours, and once in spring for summer hours), is set to be debated by the European Commission in the coming months, and could eventually be abandoned altogether.

Despite being introduced decades ago as a means to save energy, critics say the concept does not actually save much power, causes accidents, and can impact people’s health.

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