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Un coup

LanguedocLiving, Sep 19

The word “coup” means “knock” or “blow” . Here are some expressions using the word coup.

Les prix coup de coeur
Very tempting prices

Le coup de coeur
Sudden desire for something

Parts of the body

Le coup de pouce
A helping hand

Donner / recevoir un coup de pied
To kick / be kicked

Donner / recevoir un coup de poing
To punch / be punched

Jeter un coup d’oeil
To glance, to have a look

Donner un coup de main
To give a helping hand

Faire quelque chose sur un coup de tete
To do something on impulse


Prendre un coup de soleil
To get a sunburn

Prendre un coup de froid
To catch a cold

Un coup de vent
A gust of wind

Un coup de tonnerre
A clap of thunder


Le coup d’envoi
Kick off

Le coup franc
Free kick

Le coup bas
Blow below the belt

Food and drink

Boire un coup
To have a drink

Avoir un bon coup de fourchette
To be a hearty eater

Un coup de rouge
A glass of red wine


Un coup de foudre
Love at first sight

Avoir un coup de cafard
To have a fit of depression


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