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Volunteer firefighter dies after a heart attack during an exercise

MidiLibre/Scoop, May 13

A volunteer firefighter from Tarn-et-Garonne lost his life on Saturday night after a heart attack. He was assigned to the Montech rescue centre.

“We are used to facing dangers during rescue operations”, said Colonel Jean-Louis Ferrès, commander of SDIS 82, “but we also have to deal with this type of surprise drama”.

The 40-year-old firefighter, and father to a seven-year-old girl, was carrying out an exercise on Saturday.

It was during a physical exercise at the barracks that he felt discomfort. Immediately taken care of by his colleagues, he was transported to Montauban. During the transport, he lost consciousness. After treatment by the clinic at Pont de Chaumes, the firefighter was transferred to the Montauban Hospital. He was pronounced dead at 7pm on Saturday.

“He was a very athletic man,” said Colonel Ferrès, “and obviously we followed his state of health, as we do with every firefighter. But it’s like a top-level athlete, it can happen without warning.”

The firefighter was a member of the departmental team of rugby firefighters, just recently regional champion and he was due to compete in the national championship.

A support system has been set up for his colleagues, friends and family.

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