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What the papers said 24 Mar 2018

rfi English, Mar 25

Hero policeman dies and three others killed in jihadist shooting spree in Southern Western France; Donald Trump puts UN in line of fire, after picking "Bush hawk" John Bolton as his latest National Security Adviser.


The Saturday papers had their eyes fixed on Trèbes and Carcassonne, where a 25-year-old terrorist killed four people and wounded a number of others on Friday.

L’Humanité reports that the attack was the country's first major jihadist attack since last October. Several papers carry profiles of the Islamist Radouane Lakdim, who swore allegiance to the Islamic State armed group.

L'Alsace praises the act of bravery demonstrated by displayed by Lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame, shot after swapping himself for a hostage just before anti-terror police moved in to kill the attacker and end the siege.

Le Parisien confirms that Colonel Beltrame died from his injuries.

The shootings come as France remains on high alert following a string of deadly attacks that have killed more than 240 people since 2015.

Libération says the enterprise of fanatic Islamists has once again made its bloody mark in the country. According to the newspaper, everyone knew that the military defeat of ISIS in Iraq would not bring an end to the nightmare.

Libé, holds that as experts had feared, having been deprived of the territory they had martyrised, the terrorist organization was forced to rely on vulnerable minds to continue unleashing violence against people living in western democracies.

For Le Figaro while the French must learn to live with the terrorism threat, they should never be complacent as they go around with their business on the train, at schools, the supermarket, at cinemas halls or anywhere else.

Terrorism is neither a cataclysm or a natural disaster, but a political and religious phenomenon with known causes, holds the right-wing newspaper. Refusing to crackdown on it, Le Figaro warns, will be tantamount to accepting to live with the barbaric future of a civilised nation.

John Bolton

Le Monde reacts to the appointment of John Bolton, a former US ambassador to the United Nations as President Trump's new National Security Adviser.

The paper claims that the hawkish neocon who advocated for the war in Iraq and championed pre-emptive strikes against North Korea and regime change in Iran, and who replaces H. R. McMaster, is the latest in a cascade of Trump's staff changes.

Bolton's appointment comes just days after the US President replaced secretary of state Rex Tillerson with another Iran hawk, CIA director Mike Pompeo.

According to Le Monde, the appointment of such an advocate of the use of force in international relations is only likely to serve the cause of unilateralism and protectionism, after the Trump administration's decision to impose customs barriers on certain products imported from China.

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