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What the papers said 26 July 2018

rfi English, Jul 26

President Emmanuel Macron is unhappy with the media's coverage of "Benallagate." The media is unhappy with what it sees as his assault on press freedom. Today, we take a break from the scandal to look at press coverage of something completely different.

What we must now call Benallagate - the tangled scandal over one of the president's bodyguards - is all over the papers again like a rash.

And, the coverage is irritating President Emmanuel Macron more than a bad case of prickly heat.

He's quoted as telling guests at a reception on Tuesday evening: "We have a media that does not seek the truth...I see a media power that wants to be a judicial power."

Suffice it to say the press is not well pleased. Communist L'Humanité calls him "an aggressive and contemptuous hyper-president," adding that "in his first public remarks on the scandal, he has voiced his disdain for the French, press freedom, parliament and the separation of powers."

And then….the weather

The front page of popular daily Le Parisien is given over - sort of - to the likelihood of prickly heat, rashes, sunburn and, worst of all, skin cancer.

"Heatwave:18 departments on Orange alert," screams the headline.

Météo-France forecasts very high temperatures and calls for "particular vigilance, especially for sensitive or exposed people."

Yesterday afternoon, temperatures reached 38 degrees in the Rhone and Provence regions.

They are forecast to rise again until Friday at least. The Ministry of Ecological Transition reminded us of the right things to do - such as regularly drinking water and spending time in cool places.

Other advice is at home or work keep the shutters closed and the curtains drawn. Barricade yourself against the sun's rays all day long and only open at night, when the air has softened. If your apartment is suffocating - use fans or air conditioners.

If you are not already equipped, you'd better hurry to find one of these devices, Le Parisien cautions. Last time around major retailers rapidly ran out of stock.

"One of the most affordable free points among the most accessible is the frozen shelves of supermarkets," readers are told.

Other advice from a doctor, hydrate very regularly and refresh the body by taking a cold shower. To stay cool a little longer, "you can keep your hair wet or wear a cap soaked in water when you go out. It will refresh the head and the neck."

Last but not least, in addition to taking care of oneself, we should not forget to protect the most vulnerable. Stay in contact with isolated elderly people to make sure they are sufficiently hydrated.


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