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What the papers said 9 May 2018

rfi English, May 9

Nuclear proliferation looms in the Middle east as Donald Trump scraps the Iran nuclear arms accord and re-imposes economic sanctions on the oil producing country; Cannes kicks off the season, and outsiders don’t get to hold up the trophy.

We begin with reactions to Donald Trump's decision on Tuesday to pull the United States out of a landmark UN-brokered deal curbing Iran's nuclear program and re-imposed crippling sanctions on the oil-producing country.

Le Parisien says that by tearing up the accord concluded in 2015 after decade and a half of careful diplomacy by Britain, China, France, Germany, Iran, Russia and past US administrations, Trump had inflicted a stark diplomatic defeat on Europe, whose leaders, repeatedly and in person, begged the hawkish and erratic US leader to think again.

According to the paper, while the decision constitutes a terrible blow on precarious global equilibrium, it doesn't come as a surprise as the American leader had made known his intentions during the Presidential campaign to scrap what he described as the worst deal ever negotiated during his predecessor's time in the White House.

Le Parisien reports that the affront on Obama's key foreign policy achievement was so painful that the former US President Barack Obama wasted no time to respond calling it a grave error.

Le Figaro argues that if Donald Trump is hoping to bend Teheran’s arm like he is doing with Pyongyang's, then he's making a grave mistake. Iran it says is not a hermit country without resources.

The conservative publication also explains that more so, the Mullahs in Tehran know that North Korea's Kim Jong-un finally made himself respected by acquiring a seat in the club of countries with the atomic bomb.

Le Figaro points to two major threats if the Iran nuclear accord ends up falling apart - a confrontation between Israel and Iran in the short term and in the long term a full-scale resumption of the nuclear proliferation race in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia making it clear that it will not stand by and watch Iran resume its uranium enrichment program.

For La Croix, Donald Trump's decision is all the more incomprehensible as he pulls out of the Iran deal just weeks to his meeting of the brave with the North Korean leader.

The Catholic paper underlines the irony that Trump is stigmatising Iran which has expressed its will to not to develop nuclear weapons while expressing a will to end war games with Pyongyang which has acquired such weapons.

According to L'Humanité history will remember that it was on May 8, the 73rd anniversary of the formal acceptance by World War II allies of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender that Trump chose to scrap the Iran nuclear arms deal which he discredited in an address at the very United Nations which brokered it.

The Communist daily, claims that the man is true to his reputation, that of a man with a large appetite for money, who likes humiliating the poor, and enjoys defending the racist crimes of the Ku Klux Klan, and National Rifle Association while promoting hatred among conflict-prone people.

For l'Humanité the ultra-liberal nationalist is swimming against the tide of not just the aspirations of young people in his own country but also against the future.

Some papers take up the opening on Tuesday of the 71st Cannes film festival, the first to be held since the cinema industry was rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

L'Est républicain reports that instead of reeling about the damage inflicted on the industry by sexism, organizers preferred a pragmatic response by rolling out a red carpet for the women who make up a majority in the jury.

Smart move that was, the paper says. But is observes that this may not be enough to get people forget the Weinstein affair which is in the process of being adapted for a picture, and is certain to fuel more controversies for many seasons to come.

"All Winners", is the big splash on the front page of l'Equipe as it celebrates Tuesday's very festive final of the French Cup pitting the star-studded qatar-sponsored Paris Saint Germain against Les Herbiers the countryside semi amateur team from the Vendée region.

PSG beat the minnows 2- 0 to lift the trophy, completing a clean sweep of domestic competitions. But for the sports daily the third division side were brave in front of the French ogre, l'Equipe saluting the extraordinary enthusiasm of the 15000 fans (population of Les Herbiers town), who travelled from the Vendée to cheer their team on.

Le Parisien publishes a large photograph of Les Herbiers players joining hands with the PSG stars lifting the trophy stating that the great pride of Les Herbiers was to have given their fans a lot of pleasure during the historic expedition to the Stade de France.

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