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What will happen to the giant frescoes at Toulouse

LanguedocLiving, Sep 2

What will happen to the giant frescoes at Jean Jaurès University?

Several meters high, the two frescoes were painted on the buildings during the blockade of Jean Jaurès University in Toulouse.

The question is, what will become of them during the €800,000 clean up exercise.

For the moment they are still there, which is more about the lack of money to get rid of them, than a positive decision to keep them.

The University’s Department of Art History has requested that the frescoes be preserved for their “artistic characteristics, and the reflection of an important moment in time."

The Minister of Higher Education during the conflict, has decided to make no decision for the moment. "It's up to the next governance to decide."

The elections for the presidency and the new governance of the university will take place in November, so for now, love them or hate them, the “Two guardians of the faculty" have a reprieve.

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