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Wintery scenes from the Languedoc

LanguedocLiving, Feb 9

The Languedoc Photography group have taken pictures of Wintery Scenes for the latest competition.

In first place is Michelle Orai for her atmospheric photo of Peyrou Park in Montpellier.

Michelle said “This was an incredible eye opening experience for me! We'd moved to the south of France for the warmer weather. I was amazed when, not only did it start snowing but it continued and stuck! I had to get out into it, to see all the wonderful sights that I'd only experienced in the glorious Languedoc sun. This was taken in Peyrou Park in Montpellier, and I loved the beautiful, atmospheric image with the person in the far distance, and the lines of the lamps opposite the trees. It was quite a slippery trek to the park from the house all the while protecting my camera inside my coat and wrapped in my scarf. An unexpected Montpellier Moment!

In second place is Denise Gilchrist, for her beautiful photo taken after snow had fallen.

Denise said "This photograph was taken on a sunny day after snowfall in Cuxac - Cabades. I had taken lots of shots of the trees trying to capture the magical sparkling effect of the sun on the snow laden branches. However, I soon realised that a close up of the branches would convey this more effectively. Finally, with the aid of filters and crop I was able to capture snow, sun, sparkles and the blue sky….winter."

If you want to join the Languedoc Photography group, click here for the facebook link

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